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Default Re: Mics Inside Drums - Who Does It?

There are mics made specifically for the inside the drums, but I wouldn't think it would sound better than regular mic'ing, other than in the kick.

Having a complete front head on the bass drum pretty much requires a mic inside unless you get fancy with multiple mics pointed at both heads, or you're playing jazz.

The kick drum is big enough where you can use a wireless system, and the power adaptor would probably be small enough to fit through the vent hole. Unfortunatly I don't think you can get a mic cable through your common drum unless you do some drilling, or you run a cable through the vent hole without it's end, and reattach the mic connecter to the bare wire.
You would use existing hardware to integrate the mounting system, which you can find with a search (and it would probably have shock-absorbtion).

I'm assuming that your drummer has some sort of muffling on his bass drum (most do, be it pillows or heads). This should prevent the sound from getting too boomy.

Neil Peart and Dave Weckl are amoung the drummers that play with front heads on their bass drums, and use mics inside them.

The big downside to having a mic mounted inside your drum is that if it becomes loose or moves, you have to take a head off to re-adjust it.
But it eliminates a possible tripping hazard out in front of the kit (as if we don't have enough of those on stage), and it can make it easier for the sound guy, although he might need to mess around with the knobs a bit if he's never worked with inside micing before.
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