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I had the good fortune of auditioning for, and being invited to join, a Beatles Tribute band, complete with wigs and suits. While I ultimately decided to go with another band that I was also auditioning for, I was retained as a fill-in Ringo, should theirs be unavailable. I did play a couple of shows with them, and it was awesome.

But in preparing for the shows, I listened to almost nothing else besides Beatles tracks, and I watched all the footage I could get my hands on of Ringo playing. His style is so unique, and so great to watch. You watch the Washington Coluseum show, and you can tell that he's having a blast. And MAN does he rock. I just love watching them barrel through "I Saw Her Standing There." I've always loved Ringo, and have always considered him my primary influence as a drummer, but the time I spent studying his style and form made me love him that much more.

To borrow the Dylan phrase, "Nobody does Ringo like Ringo."

Some songs that ARE Ringo (to me, anyway):
"No Reply"
"Get Back"
"Tomorrow Never Knows"
"Drive My Car"
"All I've Gotta Do"
"A Day In The Life"

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