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Originally Posted by Phaedrus
Stu Strib - what's wrong with Pearl Jam? Most people I know who claim to love them only have Ten and Versus. Some of their best songs are on their later albums - I'm assuming this is their "branching out" period you're talking about? I Am Mine, Given To Fly, Better Man, Present Tense. I do love the hits, but they have done some other good stuff too.
Maybe I'm just old. But everything after Vitology was different. I'm not saying they are BAD, I'm saying the changed for the worse, for change sake. It is like they became some non-conformist band that had more fun shouting about republicans then rocking hard like on TEN. They got away from the music and became poets and political commentators.

I would love to love Pearl Jam jam again, but everything I've sample from 1995 and newer is just, well, not very good? I guess the drumming is better? Or maybe I need to tell myself, it isn't 1992 anymore, and I'm not in college anymore?

Ten is in my top 10 albums of all time. So maybe it was the high precedent they set.

Wilk nails the 1/2 time shuffle too, like you said. Listen to Getaway car. That is some serious pocket and feel for a "rock" drummer. Ghosted shuffle notes, are you kidding me? From a guy who used to play in a Rap/Rock band??? Get out!
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