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Stu Strib - what's wrong with Pearl Jam? Most people I know who claim to love them only have Ten and Versus. Some of their best songs are on their later albums - I'm assuming this is their "branching out" period you're talking about? I Am Mine, Given To Fly, Better Man, Present Tense. I do love the hits, but they have done some other good stuff too.

Personally, I find Petty's 1984 stuff as boring as his 2003 stuff. Please don't take offence - I only just joined and I don't want to ruffle feathers and it's just my opinion, but surely if change is dynamic and not changing is static, and music is one of the most dynamic forms of expression, change is essential and inevitable?

IMO, Tom Petty probably puts more effort into sounding today like he did 10/15 years ago than Pearl Jam do into sounding different today than they did 13 years ago.

I prefer Abruzzesse's drumming style to either of their other drummers (still like Cameron, though), but the songs are bigger than the band or band members.

I'm a major PJ fan and think that Vedder has the best male rock voice ever. Cornell is great too, but I prefer Vedder. Dio is/was amazing too, specially on Elf's Wonderworld.

RE OP: I play bass, and I've read Comerford saying he loves that Brad Wilk is always "on the three" and that he has this triplet feel going on - (what would that sort of feel be called - 6/8 timing?) he does with RATM more than Audioslave, and that's what made us bounce. I love him.

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