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Default Mics Inside Drums - Who Does It?

Hi All,

Thanks for reading this post.

DW website lists kits for mounting mics inside drums. This seems like a great idea. Do any of you guys do it? Can anyone offer any tips/advice on it? What's the way to go when mounting the brackets? What are the pros & cons?

As I understand it:


Ease of rigging - mics already set-up
No bleed from other drums/instruments - no feedback, keeps PA subs clear, specially in an aux-fed subs rig


Possible extra drilling of shells?
Possible unwanted noise if mic mounting bracket not isolated (rubber washers/grommets?)?
Possible tendency of boomier drum sound?
Mic cables trailing from drums?

I play bass (please don't kick me out - I wish I could drum, and I actually tend to listen to drums in music before I listen to any other instrument) in a rock covers band, and have joined here on behalf of my drummer - he's not really a surfer.

Thanks again,

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