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Default Re: Vic Firth Nova sticks?

I had a pair of Vic Firth 5As that lasted about 6 years, then I bought one of those buy 3 get one pair free deals months ago, I'm still using all four. Curiously the Buddy Rich models last only a bit longer than a month even though they are thicker sticks. Back in high school I remember using Vic Firth marching sticks and the Tom Aungst models (the red ones) would only last a short time while the pair of MS2s I lasted at least 2 years (I don't use them anymore). Vic Firth's durability is pretty questionable now, but I think they have some of the best variety. Regal Tips are my new favorite though. The Vater sticks I had, despite being terrible last forever :) A pair of Super Jazz sticks has lasted 3 years, the Manhattan 7A lasted about one year, and the Sweet Ride (thinnest model they make) has been about another year. I guess you pay for that though because these sticks have a dense sound which is kind of lifeless. Sticks are wood, and wood isn't perfect. EX: baseball bats, hit the ball the right way it can fly hundreds of feet, hit it the wrong way and you can snap the bat...
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