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Originally Posted by king fail View Post
I know some of my friends have been a little disturbed when they listened to a couple of tracks on my iPod...

Like Tooth Decay
Mismo Canibalismo
Miss Balaton
Winnipeg is A Frozen ****hole

by Venetian Snares

Hmm... maybe not "scary" per se, but it's far from cheery, and I guess it really depends what you normally listen to.... scary music is all about the contrasts, man. If you're into pretty intense and avant garde electronic music, then that stuff probably wont do much...
True to an extent, because I am really into all kinds of metal, black/death/deathcore/melodic/symphonic, w/e you wanna call all of it, and I listen to some crazy bands, but even at times the bands I love listening to scare the hell out of me, I see where you are coming from though. It all depends on my mood. For instance I just got in my car to go somewhere and it was like midnight, Whitechapel was in the player on the first track of their first album, and it was really creepy just because of my environment on top of the music. I was at a point in my life after hearing all of this crazy music that scared me, that I though life was pointless and I had no idea and no reason to live. I still think I have no reason to live, but I have a motive that drives me to live and it's music, but this just shows that after listening to so much crazy music, you will go crazy yourself hahahaha. Probably not true, but I like to think so. Anyway scary music, I still haven't heard anything from you guys that really scared the urine out of me. Keep the tunes comin, I really want to see what everyone else finds to be terrifying, or maybe I just listen to some really messed up music.
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