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Yes, he had a wonderful instinct for thinking up drum accompaniment that sounded cool and distinctive. Either that or George Martin and/or the songwriters came up with great drum lines and Ringo was relaxed enough to just go with that. Maybe both.

He never used to practice and his chops were largely honed through an arduous gigging schedule in Germany, so he obviously had a good ear for what sounds pleasing.

There is something to be said for not practising because then you don't think like a drummer and only think about the song sounds. Trouble is, if you don't gig and record a lot like he did, you'll get rusty and clumsy. So, as someone who doesn't play for a living, I find the challenge is to throw my drummerly thoughts of the practice room out the window when I play with the band so I hear the music more symphonically, like a layperson.

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