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the thing with travis barker is that you have to undrestand that he is in a band with musically challenged ppl and as you might know alot of the blink 182 record and some of the transplants record was based off of his drum parts wich means he made the drums beats first then the other guys did the guitar and bass parts over it. So think about it if travsi started doing liek crazy odd time signatures and sincopated beats that arent straigth forward it would be way to hard for the other guys in his band to make anything up to. also you have to give him credit for what he has done is his genre compared to all the other bands.(example ecorprate marching is his music)

regarding his solo how its not very hard its because the kids who come to the blink show usually arnt like great musicains and mostly dont play music so he has to do a solo that impresses and they will enjoy since they paid 35 dollars to get in.

But he does have formal traning and he can do alot more than what he has donn with his bands.
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