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Originally Posted by maddrummr View Post
I was wondering if there is some kind of Laquer, or some shiny transperent paint that i could paint my Pacific MX to make my emerald fade shine like no other.

I would like it cheap, but good quality.

I will give you a little known tip--Use proffessional floor gloss- JOhnsons clear high gloss is good, its designed to be uV stable, wont shrink and will not coulour the wood..apply it to a freshly sanded drum after using no higher than 600 grit and damp wiping to remove the dust- after dry.
Use a lint free cloth and always go with the grain, apply in thin coats and leave an hour to dry between coats, no need to sand between coats as it will bond cleanly with the previous coat.BUt damp wipe and let dry to remove dust.
Apply upto 5 coats and when cured after around a day- it can be ssanded flat with 1200 grit using a backing pad..then buffed with a lambswool pad for an extreme high gloss pro finish!

Its way cheaper than guitar and drum specific stuff and I know about it, because I use it often on jobs when I strip and seal gym floors!

NOte- mask the drum to close all holes and bearing edges. Sand the joins in wood as wood glue build up there and will show up as a hard line later if you dont! Dont rush this entire process and you will have a great job!

Pucker perfect finish mate!
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