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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Well, I have changed companies since posting in this thread, so I figured i would update...

Bag 1 My main bag...
10-15 pair Ahead Tico Torres Model
2 pair Ahead Hybrid 5AB Concert
Ahead MD Gloves
Zildjian Wrist Bands
Foam Ear Plugs
Drum Keys
Biz Cards

Somtimes I'll have a pair of wood sticks in the bag in case I'm playing a song that needs cross sticking. I'll use any kind of larger stick for that. I break them all after one or two uses, or it doesn't matter.

Bag 2
2 pair Ahead Hybrid 5AB Concert
1 pair Ahead 5A Mallets
1 pair Ahead Bam Stix
1 pair Ahead Rock Stix (heavy)
1 pair Ahead Wire Brush
3 pair 8A (Regal Tip or Vater)
2 pair Blasticks
1 pair John "JR" Robinson Brush
Drum Keys
Ear Plugs
Biz Cards
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