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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

well lets see, I have a Gator stick bag with one pair of 7A Ahead sticks with tape on them, one pair 5Aon stage hickory nylon tip sticks, one pair 5A wood tips(Washburn from Target) with tape, one pair 5B on stage wood tip,Sound Percussion MultiRods, homemade cord mallets(I made them from black rubber Musser mallets and wrapped in cord) - vibe days leftover, In the pocket I have moongels, extra felt, hat clutch (extra), wing nut, small screwdriver, allen wrenches, ahead gloves, several drum keys(3 at present).
Well that is the current condition of my stick bag! I just got this one a couple of weeks or so ago. It's pretty good but not quite as big as I'm used to. I originally ordered the leather look one which is probably bigger, but they were out of stock so I just got the nylon one. I do like the plush interior though.
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