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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

OK, so my cymbal addiction may seem a little apparent here, and I do own two virtually identical Gretsch Catalina Maple kits, but truly I have a good purpose.

Smaller kit is my daughter's kit and I use it for band practice at my house.
18x22 bass
6 1/2x14 snare
2 8x10 toms
2 14x14 floor toms
Zildjian Platinums (circa 1986)
20" rock ride
19" rock crash
18" rock crash
18" med crash
17" rock crash
16" rock crash
16" thin crash
14" new beats
14" quick beats
12" splash
18" china high

Larger kit is my road or gigging kit
18x22 bass
8x14 Ludwig Coliseum Snare (circa 1984)
3 9x12 toms
2 16x16 floor toms
Zildjian A
21" rock ride
20" hev crash
20" med crash
20" med thin crash
19" med crash
18" med crash
18" rock crash
16" med crash
20" china high
12" splash
14" new beats
Zildjian K
18" Dark
Sabian Paragon
Sabian AA
19" med crash
18" rock crash
14" hi hats

I know I have a problem and my wife and drum tech say that admitting the problem, only makes it worse!!!!

John (Crash) Jones
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