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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Here's another one that happened just today...

(Mind you, actually, its not the "worst gig" experience, per se, but worth mentioning...

So, our keyboardist had his $3000 Roland set up on the stage at the Shaw Conference Center, which is a very big and reputable venue (it was for a high school graduation.) It was set on one of those portable stages that are made up of a number of risers. One of them was uneven, and the guys there said they would fix it. However, not thinking whatsoever, they started lifting that riser with the keyboard fully set up on top of it. It tipped over, went CRASHING down on the stage, pieces flying everywhere, and thanks to the momentum was sent hurtling one more fall off the stage to the hard floor.

Completely busted, I'd say irreparable.

The manager tried weaseling his way out of compensating us. It went from "paying for a rental and buying a new one," to just "paying for the rental." Well, fortunately, through some persuasion and a threatening call to his parents, my keyboardist managed to get the same model, nearly brand new (he kept the rental), with a 3 month warranty as well.

R.I.P. Roland Phantom..
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