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Default Re: Vic Firth Nova sticks?

well the brick came in today, and I had no idea what to expect. Well I've only played with one pair so far, but I've looked at the rest. There's nothing wrong with these sticks at all. They are 7A nylons and are sized about the same as regular Vic Firth 7A and feel about the same. The finish is even and smooth (unlike some Pro Marks I've seen) and they are PITCH PAIRED (unlike Vater sticks I've had). I did my typical iPod shuffle practice session and went through everything from Ray Charles to Van Halen and these sticks held up nicely. They are no less durable than Vic Firth sticks. Some of the pairs have dark grains on them (I guess those are the "cosmetic blemishes" they talk about) but look no different than any piece of furniture (or anything else made of wood). Nova sticks are CERTAINLY worth having as practice sticks and even gig pairs if you aren't looking for any specialty models.
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