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Default Re: Autograph Material?

Originally Posted by DrumGod View Post
At clinics does the artist usually sign autographs cos i just happen to be going to a Thomas Lang clinic tomorrow and a Steve smith one next week. In that case ill get a snare head for each to try sign and if they dont ill just use the new head :D
Win Win

I'm not sure about Thomas Lang, but I met Steve Smith at a clinic a year or so ago and he signed just about anything; drumheads, CDs, DVDs, etc. I even got his autograph on an old Journey album. Plus, all attendees received a pair of his Vic Firth signature sticks. Keep in mind, that may have been set up by the drum shop. At any rate, the Steve Smith clinic is WELL worth the $. You will get a ton of information a probably a couple mementos. Enjoy!!
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