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Default Re: Lib DeVitto Sues Billy Joel.

This happens from time to time. I remember it happened with the members of Creedance Clearwater Revival. It is a sad comment on the music business, esp in situations like this where there is a lot of money going around.

I have learned that you should never walk away from a paying gig without a fight. Liberty probably had a strong wrongful termination suit. I think the statute on that is one year. You can't fire a guy because he was your drinking Buddy, which is what Joel said, anymore than you can fire a person for "saying something." any more than you can fire someone because you :"feel like it." You have to show good cause. In a jazz situation that is different because normally a new band plays new repertoire. But BJ's been playing the same hits for thirty years.

Obviously, if he has not seen any royalties in 10 years there is a problem. He is on those recordings and they do get a lot of airplay. I think that it is a good point that musicians should be aware of these things. I met a woman many years ago who had been on the original Jesus Christ Superstar recordings. She was offered a percentage or 100 pounds. She took the 100 pounds. It probably paid her rent. Her percentage would have made her a millionaire. It's only money. What was that guy's name, Andrew Lloyd Webber or something like that?
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