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Default Re: Ringo Starr much better than given credit for. I'm not referring to his technique, I'm referring to his musical sense. He's miles ahead of the pack in that sense. He is a completely egoless drummer. He is the poster drummer for the "less is more" school of thought. It's all about what he doesn't play that sets him apart. I can see how it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback and pick him apart, but he has a way of impacting things invisibly. He's so effective and most don't even realize it. Therein lies his genius. It's like getting knocked out without any impact. He knows that a whisper can deliver the message more effectively than shouting. If anyone thinks he is just so-so....I contend that it's possible that there is an unawareness of the level that he is operating on.
And the great thing he proved is you don't have to be a Vinnie or a Buddy to be influential and effective. My hat goes off to him for his musical contributions.
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