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Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
He was one member of the most influential band ever. But strictly speaking as a drummer I hear nothing amazing in his playing, not his feel, not his style and defintively not his technique.

My point is not to slam Ringo. Not at all. I just think that he is only highly regarded as a drummer because of him being a Beatle and not for his drumming. That his legendary status is blinding people about his actual abilities.
same opinion here, well, I have the same opinion about Charley Watts as well.
They all happened to be in famous bands. Their playing is so simple, anyone can copy.
There is Keith Moon at one end and Charley and Ringo at the other end. Everyone comes in between. I am a fan of Keith Moon and Charley Watts.
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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