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Default Re: Ringo Starr

I prefer Ringo's work to Charlie's, but maybe that's just because he had more scope with The Beatles to try more varied approaches, which I enjoy. I love the way he develops distinctive little motifs for the songs.

My fave work of Charlie's is Can't You Hear Me Knocking. My fave Ringo numbers are the usual suspects - A Day in the Life, Come Together and Let It Be that really show off his instinct for working out pleasing and distinctive ways of supporting songs.

He seemed to like do odd things in the verses and then move to a more standard beat in the choruses. He tended to occupy a pretty low place in the mix, often lower than the tambourine, so the band as a whole would carry the beat rather than being built around the drums, which freed him up to play around. You can't do some of the things he did during verses if you're up in the mix without creating clutter (e.g. Hey Jude).
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