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Default Re: Lib DeVitto Sues Billy Joel.

I was in a band where I was a hired gun, played an interesting part I created that shaped the vibe, then it came into a small hit. No money [apart from the session]. It made a national advert [tv]; no money. Felt like fighting it, but didn't for personal reasons. I think as drummers and side men, when we become part of a ''hit'' band etc we may not gain by royalties right away, but do gain with more work in future as people like the looks of success' no matter how stupid it really is. Work by association. Liberty could in all seriousness be potentially screwing his name up if he plays this wrong. The one problem that arrises when in the 'creative' moment is talking about money, a sure way to kill the vibe. Tricky terrain for sure, but best done when the ship is still in port.
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