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Default Re: Lib DeVitto Sues Billy Joel.


Which is why serious bands need to have contracts vis a vis each other. If not, you are a hired hand paid by the gig. Or a sessions player.

As a sessions player if you happen to make a huge contribution towards the groove or the shape that a tune takes in that particular session, I'm afraid you cant ask to be paid differently. The artist/music company has paid for your time and your music, regardless of the size of your contribution.

Some of my work is in this area ( music production ) and I constantly deal with session player A for example, who charges x by the hour versus player B who might charge double that. Therefore what I'm paying for is your particular musicality on your instrument, whatever that may be.

In some sessions drummers have suggested chord changes, different horn parts, little changes in melody, which made a huge difference to the outcome but were paid as per the original agreement. For their time. Not necessarily for their time on the 'drums'.

Is it fair? No. But there is not better way as yet. My suggestion in all situations would be to ensure 3 things: clarity, clarity, clarity.

So what happens if you have the same set of 'hired hands' playing many tours/recording dates, and 'appear' or seem to be bands? Sting for example, has a profit sharing arrangement with his guitarist Dominique Miller which is contractual and unique. Works beautifully for them. So far.

Make sure your understanding with allother parties involved is upfront & clear, preferably contractually. The reason U2 is a very rich AND a very happy band is because they have left nothing open to a 'what if' situation in the future. Everything and everyone is covered by contracts.

On this one I dont know. Was Billy a solo artist or was it his band? I know that he has been through lots of twists and turns with UA, Colombia, with people buying out his earlier contracts, royalty agreements etc, so it's kinda messy. Poor Lib's probably got caught up in it, got dumped and was frustrated enough to sue him.

Ya, would be interesting to see where this comes out.


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