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Default Re: Lib DeVitto Sues Billy Joel.

Good for him!
If he was with him for 30 years and wasn't paid royalties for 10, then he must be due something equivalent to the 20 years prior.

I hate this kind of stuff. I was in an original band for 10 years and fully participated in the writing of every song. When it came time to get copyrights, the guitarist and the bass player (brothers) went ahead and got them in their names and left me out of the loop. I demanded that they pay me as a per-session drummer for hire and was subsequently fired.
They never found a better drummer to replace me and regret it to this day.

Why is it that boozed up, drug induced artists feel the need to fire drummers to fulfill their egos when they get bruised? Are we all such easy targets in this business?
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