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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
The important thing to remember though is that you can't just waltz in and do grade 8. You have to start off at grade 5 max.

No, you may be thinking of the requirement of some boards that you pass the grade 5 music theory exam before being entered into grade 8. I don't think this is the case with the Rockschool exams. Anyone is free to enter and attempt the Grade 8 exam, but your teacher would have to be pretty confident that you're up to scratch and lack of experience isn't going to be a problem.
TO Cedwico, I'd discuss it with your teacher, but I'd recommend attempting Grade 6 first to get a feel for what is required. The exams aren't just about learning performance pieces and playing them, your understanding of the instrument, general musicianship and sight reading will all be tested as well. That could be a scary thing at grade 8 with no experience...
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