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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

2005 Tama Rockstar Vintage Red
Bass: 22x18
Toms:10x12, 11x13, 16x16
Snare: 5 1/2x 14

Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals ( I know, they suck. The hi-hats are good and the ride is decent though)

22 inch Ride
15 inch Hi-hats
18 inch Crash
16 inch Crash
13 inch Splash
18 inch China

14 inch Wuhan China and Factory Percussion 10 inch Cross Crasher

Iron Cobra double pedal and hi-hat (which I got today and am in love with)

Pearl Ultra Grip tambourine, Bell Diablo and Black beauty cowbells

Cymbal stands and throne are PDP

Vic Firth Danny Carey Sig sticks and Pro Mark Joey Jordison sticks
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