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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Originally Posted by Cakco Drums View Post
my current post-punk/experimental/pop band The Estatics played a youth group hall with 9 metal/hardcore bands and about 60 people in the audience billed as "The Elastics".
right before our set our bassist said "we are not metal."
8 people watched our set.
That is hilarious because i have seen it happen in which a thrash metal band was playing and get a good response lots of people up watching them and rocking out and the next band came on and said "Are you ready for a bit of indie now??" Floor Emptys!!

Originally Posted by SharkyBait911 View Post
My worst experiance must be when i was doinga gig at the local jazz club and i had a big headach before the gig so i drunk lots of water....... so half way during the second set i really needed a wee ! it was in front of loads of people so i tryed to act kool but it came to the point were i was going out of time because i was soo uncomfortable.
So infront of a big crowd of family, friends, paying punters etc i had to stop the set and go to the toilet!
So i will never ever drink water before a gig again !!

At least i learnt a lesson haha
I remember reading in Rhythym (spelling) magazine Gene hoglan asked about his worst gig experience and he told of a time when he had a stomach bug and went through the set trying not to vomit or poo. along come some big fill and he poos himself mid way through it
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