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Default Re: Online Radio Channels

Originally Posted by wolfmoon View Post
Pandora is great until yesterday.. I don't know what is up with it but here's what I got goin on with it. You know how you can only skip so many songs on a station? After you get to that limit you can't skip so you just go to another one of your stations or create another. Well I noticed for the past 2 days now that if I have a station on, and I skip some songs and reach the limit.. it no longer allows me to skip songs on ANY of my other stations! I don't know if this is something new or if they are having issues. I don't see anything on the site about any rule changes but this sucks. I can't see it being an issue with my computer either.

As for me I normally do not do the skip feature I just let the music play in the background and I am busy working...always nice to hear some good jazz fusion rolling as I plug away on reports for government work! SO, I am not familiar with your problem but yeah that would suck.
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