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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

these are hilarious. the puking-on-kit is especially comical, and I imagine would have been funny yet very not funny at all when it happened.

I'm reminded of other bad times at shows...

another high school, no drum carpet, and my Slingerland bass drums spurs had no rubber tips. My entire kit was litterally sliding away from me in all directions. my hi-hat stand would grow increasingly distant, and the cymbal stands moved when my bass kikck drum. when my kick was completely beyond reach I'd attempt to grab it and slide it back 3 feet or so to start the whole process over again. at one point I put my medium sized monitor in front of the kick, which did nothing. I then had to sing half the next song with no monitor. after flailing signals to my grinning and unaware bassist and the 14 year old soundguys, they came out and jammed a mat under the front, which basically held solid for the last 2 songs we played. the set was actually ok, just seemed like chaotic shizz from my end.

my current post-punk/experimental/pop band The Estatics played a youth group hall with 9 metal/hardcore bands and about 60 people in the audience billed as "The Elastics".
right before our set our bassist said "we are not metal."
8 people watched our set.
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