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Originally Posted by DangerousDave View Post
Too bad this guy's not in Megadeth anymore. Great talent, groove, energy. Great showman also. Basically, he defined Megadeth's heavy sound, among all those heavy riffs. Nobody could kick ass like Nick did. Now he's with Memorain or whatever. Too bad.
He inspired me to have my cymbals hang from above because I like to get 100% outta them. But ofcourse, I didn't do that until I saw someone of the guys admired did that :D
And the rack system he used, the Greg Voelker system, geeez I want that.
What do you think of him? He certainly is an inspiration to me.
Nick is a great drummer no doubt, But I have to give kudos to Tommy Aldridge he was the first drummer I seen hang cymbals back in the 80's with Whitesnake. I seen Megadeth 3 times all with Nick behind the kit and he was as Great live as well as in the studio.

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