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Default Re: The 'Coolest-est' Names on the Forum?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Good ideas. There are lots of cool names held by members who don't post very often so I forget them. Pineyplayparadiddles is a good one, as is Animal_Beats and Junglelord. I originally thought of using Deathmetalcowbell but it seemed kind of dorky.

Aydee reminds of a boy I knew when growing up, a sweet little kid in neighborhood a few years younger than the rest of us. Zambizzi does have a hockey connotation. I've hung out with Zambizzi and he looks like someone you'd call Zambizzi.

There is a whole subcategory of members whose names are based on Led Zeppelin and/or John Bonham. Someone should take dblbassbonham and make the circle complete.
You are so true about the subcategory, I just thought a super heavy Bonham beat would be the Ultimate "Bonzolead" you're "Deathmetalcowbell" suggestion is crazy funny. LOL

Keep swattin'
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