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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Wow that does sound sucky Mike lol. I've had a few. I think i've had about 2 instances where i have put my foot through the bass drum. I remember one gig i did, the band before us had played their set and i got all set up to go on. First song, the crash fell off the stand onto my snare drum so i quickly threw it off and managed not to miss a beat i think. On the third song i realised that my other crash wasn't moving when i hit it (oh dear) it had gotten wedged onto the stand as there was no rubber or foam underneath it to stop it so my cymbal ended up splitting at the edge. The drum kit turned out to be the singers not the drummers and they had no idea how to set it up. All of the cymbal stands were loose and not tightened and the bass drum spurs weren't set properly so when i was hitting the bass drum with my double pedal, it was moving across the floor. I just wanted to quit and run for it. I ended up setting up the kit properly mid set lol and i could swear that was the same gig that i put my stick through my snare drum and had to ask embarrassingly to use the singers snare drum. It was disastrous to say the least. I hope i don't have any more as bad as that.
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