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Default Re: How often to you break sticks?

Originally Posted by phoenix
It seems like for every hour or two of playing, I break at least one stick. I have a box of about 25 broken sticks. Granted I'm using some pretty cheap sticks so that's probably why. I like to play loud, but nothing crazy.. probably typical for anyone that plays rock/metal. How about everyone else?
I have been using one pair for the last month, and they are a cheap pair also. I probably don't play as long as others (usually an hour split between the practice pad and the kit)
Also, I'm not a "hard hitter". I practice hitting the center of each drum, and hitting the cymbals "correctly" Since I am a beginner, I probably practice technique more than anything else (technique meaning hitting the center of the drum, etc.), and play at a slower rate/speed than alot of people.
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