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First post on the forum, and it just had to be in ode to the great Aaron!

Underoath, in my personal opinion are possibly one of the best most technical and enjoyable to listen to bands in existence today. They're Only Chasing Safety is the best album I have ever heard, and the only album on which I LOVE every song. I make people who arn't into screamo music listen past the screamo elements and just concentrate on how brilliantly put together the song is musically, how amazing the guitar riffs are, how killer the drum grooves are and how inspiring the melodies are.

Aaron, as someone has said already, is the heart and soul of the band. Not discounting the others in the band as they are all super talented, but Aaron really adds so much passion to the music. His singing leaves a little to be desired live when hes playing at the same time, but who can blame him for that?!

He's a hard hitter, and I love how he leans on his snare to get more power into the cymbal he's attacking on the more powerful songs. I love that his drumming is simple but yet hard to replicate in places. I play in a very similar style to him, but no where near as well. His mix of simple, punchy and rhythmic grooves and fast, powerful, choppy fills really makes all the songs the band create.

Aaron is a drummer who deserves a lot more recognition than he gets. He's not only an accomplished and talented drummer, but also a very talented guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, synth player and lyric/song writer with a sound grasp of music.

His side project The Almost, of which he writes almost all the parts of every song, is brilliant but really does lack his power and soul behind the drum kit.
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