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Yes, Robbie would have been one of Australia's more loved drummers, along Freddie Strauks of Skyhooks.

In the late 70s I walked into a Save the Whales fundraiser at the Stagedoor Tavern, having heard that the Oils were good but nothing prepared me for the moment I stepped inside in the middle of Dust where he was going berserk with those precise, powerful and speedy single stroke rolls of his, massive biceps glistening, and the energy levels through the roof. I thought, 'Where have YOU been all my life!".

Here are some clips of them in their early days when they would send the punters crazy - yeah!

Surfing With a Spoon

Bus to Bondi

The pub scene in Sydney is pretty dead now and I hear that even Melbourne's scene is under threat from the dreaded pokies. We were lucky to be around when it was happening.

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