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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat
The reason I prefer Flo is because he demonstrates ruthless efficiency, at insane speed and in some very odd time signatures. I have all the respect for Joey; he is a very, very good drummer with some very good skills and a back catalogue to prove it (however much I actually despise Slipknot).

I just honestly think that Flo has more technical efficiency and technique. I'm sure Joey could do an admirable job at odd time signatures but has never *really* had the opportunity to expand into that particular facet of playing. Flo on the other hand has clearly demonstrated his ability.
You don't need to be ambivalent, Flourent is and will always be more effective than Jordison, faster, technical and even more flourishing.

Compare the latest record with Slipknot and compare it with Cryptopsys "Once Was Not". Flourent devastates Jordison.
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