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Default New DIY (not so SOS!) computer desk.

Well guys i was looking for a new computer desk and i went into staples only to find that the only desk which was remotely wide enough for my computer setup without being STUPIDLY expensive was out of stock. So i thought "bugger this for a game of soldiers, i'll build my own". So I went to ' diy store and bought some MDF and a bit of chipboard as well. I wanted this thing to last so i got 15mil stuff.

The surface is MDF with the bottom parts holding it up being chipboard. The work surface is 6 foot wide and 2 foot deep with a 2nd shelf for my monitors. This is 1 foot deep. I also left 1 foot on one side so i can fit even the hugest studio monitor on and whatever's left on the other side so i can put whatever the hell i want there. Underneath the shelf is space for up to 4 19" rack units. This is made out of the 18 mil birch ply that was my previous desk top. The fit on these rack units is perfect. Too perfect actually, because the devices fit snugly inside but because of the screws sticking out on the side i can't fit them in! So i'll have to probably cut the middle part down slightly.

The bottom shelves which incorporate the "legs" are also spaced so i can fit 19" rack units in them, should i desire. Don't know exactly how many but they're 2 foot tall excluding the 15mil of the aformentioned chipboard so if a rack unit is 1 5/8" (look at what you americans have made me do with your rack measurments in inches!!!) then that's quite a few i'll be able to put in! Otherwise they'll make great storage.

The great thing about this desk is because i built it myself out of thick boards, it's extremely sturdy and doesn't sway when i pull the top bit side to side. I reckon this thing is about 5x stronger than your average cheap PC desk you'd pick up at your local office supplier. If i decide to glue it together then the thing will be even stronger! The best bit about this desk though is the simple fact that a similar specced desk (6 foot surface, 2 shelves, 19" rack mountable storage) would easily set you back upwards of 200 if you bought it from a computer music supplier, this one including all parts, screws and brackets (i already had all the tools) came to about 45-50. Not bad really. Just to be different instead of the usual wood veneer i was thinking maybe some sort of fabric? Or maybe if i do finish it in veneer i'll get some AAAA grade flame maple and stain it purple!!! :p Anyway some pics:

As you can see i can comfortably fit one of yammie's finest on there, all 61 keys of it! The space on the left could also be used for a mixer/DAW. Tomorrow i might extend the top shelf so i can put the speakers on it as well.

The rack mount space and the pillow that some of you might remember from an earlier thread of mine...

As you can see, i'm not foolin' around with this whole "recording" thing!

The old desk with the birch ply top i used to make the monitor shelf. And my lovely drums :)

Well what do you lot think then? Be as honest as you like 'cos i'm chuffed with it :D.
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