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Just two posts on this thread - criminal! :D

In terms of chops, Robbie is good but technically he's nowhere near legends like Billy Cobham, Steve Smith or Simon Phillips.

However, he is one of the most enjoyable drummers I've seen and heard live on stage. Very few drummers have his energy and ability to really drive and add excitement to a song. His other assets are super tighness, great timing and powerful sound. The Oils in their heyday were such a buzz to see and were without doubt the best live act in the country at the time - and they gave me more enjoyment than other great live acts at the time like ACDC, Skyhooks, Dragon, Split Enz, Cold Chisel, Jo Jo Zep, Divinyls, Kevin Borish Express, The Angels ... at the time there was nothing IMO like it when the Oils would go into overdrive, the stage lights would go vivid white and the energy coming off the stage with Robbie in the driving seat was just unbelievable!

I should say that one of Jimmy and the Boys' gigs at The Stagedoor Tavern when Iggy smashed a watermelon over his head during the solo in their version of Zappa's I'm the Slime and the stuff just dripped and oozed down his face and body was pretty memorable :)

Writing this really took be back to those glory days of pub rock in Australia before canned discos and poker machines wrecked the live music scene. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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