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Default Bands that are better live

So I got back from a concert thursday night, saw The Bad Plus at Merkin Hall in NYC. After my initial reaction of being completely blown away, by both the opening band (Marco Benevento trio, they were incredible!!) and the bad plus it got me thinkin. What bands in your opinion are better live? I'm only 17 so i havnt been to too many concerts, but I'll comment on some of them.

The foo fighters at MSG, front row, bout 15 feet away from them. They were extremely energetic, and they played flawlessly. IMO, they are better live than on their recordings.

Godsmack at the Saratoga performing arts center. They, too played flawlessly, but to a fault. They were too spot on. They hardly changed a thing from their recordings, including almost all the drummer's fills and beats. I like to hear variation and new things from a concert, not just the same songs i listen to all the time. so they're the exact same live versus recordings.

The bad plus, easily the best musicians i've ever seen/heard. They are so tight, so creative, so different. You never get the same thing from them twice, which is why you always feel like you need to see them again and again. they're soooo much better live than on recordings.

Dave Matthews Band. Havnt seem them live yet, in June I'll probly be able to confirm this but from the live albums I have, they seem better live. They change up their songs a lot, and for the better. Carter beauford seems like he goes even more berserk live, and they just seem entertaining as hell.

What say you?
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