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Default Re: Let's Fire Andre

Originally Posted by somedrummer
I just heard a story about a guy who was fired from a job because he refused to get high with the rest of the crew...
That was gonna happen to me over "Friday Beers". I worked at a place where on afternoon shift the boys "passed the hat", went for a beer run, and then sat for a couple hours on company time and drank beer. I refused at first, but was quickly told "hey, you're the new guy, and the new guy drinks, or the boss gets told that the new guy drinks on the job. Whats it gonna be?" So I had a beer with them. I figured not having one may just cost me my job, and all these guys had been drinking on the job for how long and they got away with it... Right after my first sip the ring leader says "See, now we got something on ya!" And the rest just laughed...

Long story short, I didn't stay long at that job... Not my kind of people...
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