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Default Re: The 'Coolest-est' Names on the Forum?

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I won't argue because I fear the powers you wield as a moderator... :D

Where DID your name come from, by the way?
A great many years ago I was at a youngster's birthday party at a Laser Tag place (are those still around?), and even though most of the kids there were ten years old or younger, they were all using tough names like Death From Above and Shadow Assassin and Skullcrusher. I thought it was hilarious. When the attendant asked me what name I wanted to use, the dumbest thing I could think of at the moment was DogBreath.

And by the way, I slaughtered those little punks.

Originally Posted by Anne Beeche View Post
I'm not sure how, but your name seems to bring to mind a rather sweet and irresistable aroma.
This is surprisingly accurate.
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