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Default Travis Orbin

Did a search of the drummers forum and nothin' came up for this guy so here goes:

Anyone heard of this guy? He was a member of Periphery ( and is now a member of Sky Eats Airplane (

Have to say his playing is mind-blowing. His double kick work is unbelievably tight and he really constructs every part he plays (lots of transcribing parts which makes it easier for mere mortals to follow what he's doing in these two bands). I have to say, I way prefer his Periphery stuff but that's not to take away from S.E.A who are awesome as well.

Check out his kit setup, right out of Mike Mangini's book by the looks of thinks. Check this vid out:

^^^I was completely sickened by the near constant changes between left and right hand lead. Incredible! Also, have to put in a word for his tasty use of ghost notes preceeding accents in a lot of his grooves (particularly Icarus Lives) The guy is a genius!
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