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Originally Posted by Bruce M. Thomson View Post
Jays-Number # 1 and holding. They beat the Yankees last night; Can they keep it going? Lets get some fans out the dome and root, root, root for the home team

Doc Halliday is a surgeon on the mound but the main difference; Cito Gaston and the hitting. Gruntersdad, Tampa always give us a hard time but maybe between us we can keep the Yanks and Redsox at bay and duel it out at he end of the season.

Go Jays!
I remember when beating the Yankees was a big deal. Does it men so much anymore? It seems the Rays are the formidable foe in the AL East. Standings be damned as of yet. It's always much different as the season goes on. Key players on different teams get hurt and it makes a difference in the standings as teams try to make the bench do the work of the everyday players.

The Red Sox have a heavy duty bullpen so far. It's been the difference, especially with Papi not hitting, Youk has been out, Dice-K still is out, Pedroia had a few days off with an injury, Lowell still is just getting by with the hip surgery and the shortstop position has been a crap shoot. It's been interesting to say the least, but the Red Sox are still doing alright. I'm hoping it all comes together soon and the REAL push will be on!!

Go Red Sox!!!!
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