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Default Re: Donnie Darco Fans

Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
I like the film very much, so intriguing. A little dark though. But I am unaware of any alternate (director's cut) versions.
I will definitely see the new film when it comes out, my girlfriend probably will want to go too - she loved the film more than I did.
The directors cut is quite long and much more elaborate, as well the music is changed up.
The original's music played better to the various scenes, Killing Moon is the original in the opening scene and is changed to INXS "Never Tear us Apart;" I found "Killing Moon" more haunting and a better setup. When they all pile out of the bus at school (sideways) the song is Tears for Fears " Head Over Heals" and we are introduced to every character in the film during that segment, including the girl he will be involved with. One note of interest; a very young Seth Rogen plays one of the high school thugs. The directors cut is actually easier to find now than the original, worth a watch if you would like to be more aware of the intricacies of Donnie's role in setting time back to normal. I would have loved to have seen this film on the big screen.
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