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Default Re: Keith Moon

some folks say Moon was all drugged up thats why he plays sloppy!!

In my view, during late 60's, the early recordings, like I Cant Explain, the "overdrumming" makes the song unique, makes the band unique, makes the drummer unique, who wants to see the same old traditional drumming all the time. (in rock music)?

always, less is less.

I think it is mainly the drum teachers who doesnt like his playing.

I am "learning" to play like Moon along the traditional records.

Daltrey says, if they take the drums out of The Who music, the music is nothing, it is the drumming that make the song cohesive.

Moon was lucky to play with folks like Townshend, Daltry and Enwhistle who appreciates overdrumming.

Now..listen to Eminence Front played by Kenny!!so boring!
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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