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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hi, new to the site. Here is my 74 Premier. Picked it up from an older gentleman, with 2 mounted toms 13 and 14, 16 floor tom, 22 bass, 14 snare, vintage 21 Zildjian medium ride, vintage 14 Zildjian hi-hats, Throne, Stands, and Tama single kick for $75 Canadian. At the time I didn't realize Premier was a good brand and wrote it off as being something you could pick up at Kmart...Since then I have made a few additions, Rack, Cymbals, Rayzorback Custom Snare, and Vex Double Kick. I just yesterday got a 12 tom that needs some major restoration..should be fun!

What it looked like a few months after I first got it...

and now...

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