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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is by far my all time favourite drummer and the one who has inspired and possibly influenced me the most. what I found most amazing about him is his sound in combination with his playing style. He has such a signature - as did all of the Police. I immediately recognise his drumming. His whole drumset sounds unique - from the way he tunes his snare to his signature splash-cymbals. since I seriously started to listen to drummers I have never come across a drummer with such a unique playingstyle and sound. For me, he was definately the most unique musician in the trio. Sting was arguabely the gifted songwriter, but without Copeland the Police would have sounded radically different.

I might be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that Sting and Copeland actually never spent time together in studio when they recorded Synchronicity. Can anybody elaborate on this story?
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