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I'm currently speaking to you through the medium of my Nokia 5800. I think the iphone is overrated, like apple in general. Relatively convenient things at horrific prices if you ask me.
I know we disagree here on Apple in general. I think Apple have actually made a succession of really great products in the last four/five years - particularly with their computers. In terms of their professional hardware, I think they are largely unsurpassed. Mac Pros stand at the very forefront of home professional computing and I'll happily argue that until I'm blue in the face. The new Mac Pros (with the Intel i7) are stunning. Expensive, yes, but also stunning and I would very much like to own one. My own experience with my iMac (as you well know) has been nothing short of exemplary in the last two and a half years and the computer is still perfectly serviceable and capable of easily running everything I want it to - admittedly after a cheap RAM upgrade, but it has always performed well.

Apple's consumer products I am less enthusiastic about and I do tend to view them more as a means of great product design rather than necessarily the best functionality at the price point. The iPhone is popular for a few reasons including the design, the user interface and the advertising and you're right that your Nokia is probably technically a better piece of technology, but with all that said, Nokia make large sales too. A lot of it is brand image and identity at that level. It's the same with the iPod - it's not the best Mp3 player out there by a long shot, but its ubiquity has more to do with the design than anything else. The designs are always great and usually very simple yet functional.

That doesn't stop me wanting an iPod - I think they're excellent pieces of technology, but I know that they aren't class leaders, just very well designed.
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