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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Worst venue was an uneven floor where my bass-drum pedal got stuck; the beater was against the head and would not move. Of course, this happened in the song where i needed it most.

Worst gig overall was at a wedding in church. The gig went alright but the band was put together for the occasion, and in these bands you never know what you're gonna get. Most were inexperienced musicians who were completely new to playing in a band and did not bring hearing protection. That always pisses me off. the only one with a bunch of experience was the bass player, but he was more experienced as a drummer. He is a good drummer but kept on criticising my playing style, imposing his style on me.
I took it during rehearsals but at the gig I just did whatever I felt was best. Not very professional, I know, but it felt good :D
I remember we had dinner before the gig started. Most people were slightly nervous and didn't eat much. I was completely indifferent and ate all I could (french fries and hamburgers). At that point I realized I was not the least bit excited about playing there that day.
I have been in more bands like this, people who just don't seem to understand that a band is loud and you need hearing protection.

It's not a gig, but I have one pupil that consistently cancels lessons, I generally have to call him in advance to make sure the lesson is still on. I am no longer planning his lessons in advance, he'll call me when he wants a lesson and we'll make up a time and place on the spot. I think.
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