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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

I have a couple.

1. Small dingy bar, sometime during the week. Two crackheads, some guy getting high with his two daughters, a guy in the corner, staring, and the bartenders.
I'm playing on an untuned japanese import set, all I had at the time, un-mic'ed. It's an old singer - eh - and the P.A. cuts out every minute. There are ten minute long delays between songs. It just end up sucking.

2. We play at a high school for "Earth Day". We have to lug all our stuff in through hallways and corridors, and set it all up on the stage in the caf. We had spent a couple hours the night before making cd's, and we had t's to sell to make coin. Our name was all over the school, people apparently were pumped, and it was going to be all good.
The school's only mic crapped out instantly and fed back like a mofo, and people started leaving. The sound guys couldn't do anything and it stayed shitty, even though we were playing 100% on and tight, focusing so hard. Eventually all but ten or so people were gone, we gave up and sulked out. I'm supposed to go to that school next year.. dang.
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