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Default Worst Gig Experiences?

I played my first gig outside of school on Saturday.


I stood in a shady back alley in the worst part of Edmonton surrounded by empty beer bottles, used syringes, porno magazines, a whole lot of kids smoking weed, and a guy threatening to arbitrarily pull a gun on us. I stayed in the van xD.

The kit I was playing on had its floor tom set lower than my knee, and I was given nearly no time to fix it. During the performance, my splash detached from its arm and fell on my toms. Nerves from all that made me miss an entire part of a song. Talk about dissapointment.

But its all a learning experience, that's for sure.

What are the worst places you've played?
Worst venue kits you've played?
Worst mistake you've made?
Through The Ganzfeld
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